Meet the artist.

A repeat entrepreneur and recovering nonprofit marketing director that leads a dream team behind the screen at Multi-Designs. I partner with individual brands, local organizations, and nonprofits to build a better community, visually. I play with color, photos and words all day and turn them into extraordinary stories online and offline.

I’m currently helping the next generation of over 26,000 designers in 187 countries through my online education network Design Procademy.

The COSMIC COLLECTION begins with a single abstract light photograph and is carefully crafted and digitally painted into vibrant twists of shapes and colors that are inspired by the glorious galaxies around us. The collection contains 17 original abstracts and has been exhibited at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Kadoya Gallery and featured on the cover of Advanced Photoshop Magazine’s 50th issue.

The LUMINANCE COLLECTION: Each day ends with a magnificent light show of mesmerizing colors against various landscapes featuring dramatic clouds, intense summer storms, and the occasional fire ravaged sky. I set out to capture these glorious skies during a time in my life where loss and grief consumed me. It was the colors and beauty within the light that gave me something to hold on to an remind me that even in our darkest times light remains to guide us back to happiness.